A 16th quality session of SPORT-ACHAT HIVER, which took place in Lyon from 6th to 8th March 2017

Seemingly the climatic constraints of the beginning of the season didn’t really affect SPORT-ACHAT visitor numbers, since the target visitors were certainly there in spite of a slight reduction in overall visitors compared with last year. 1526 companies, such as local stores and those from countryside and city, salespeople and lessors, made their way to Lyon, where 620 brands were assembled for the occasion. 3600 decision-makers spent 1-3 days discovering the latest trends and brands, identifying hidden nuggets, confirming pre-selections, placing a few orders and finalising their provisional purchasing budget. SPORT-ACHAT is much more than just a store: it is a focal point for outfitters, guides, monitors, athletes, resorts and shops to exchange views on challenges faced by the winter-sports and mountaineering fraternities….not to mention the conviviality that is indubitably the extra touch of human-level soul at this business meeting.

Always crowded with visitors, the universe of material confirms its dynamism notably with the development of cross-country skiing, which confirms its position as a deep-seated trend (skis, bindings, DVA, sealskins, etc.). Niche markets, democratisation, rental….as many terms as were illustrated by exchanges on the development of cross-country between brands and distributors. In the wake of SNOW AVANT-PREMIÈRE and SKI TEST TOUR, organised by SPORTAIR during January the brands are reaping the fruit of the SPORT-ACHAT tests, welcoming to theirs stands shops ready to place orders.

As for the textile brands, they are following the trend by upping their style and performance along comfort/warmth/protection/lightness lines: boiled and rustic wool – in combination or not – with lighter and lighter technical materials; stretch all over; multi-layers, decorative finishing touches, seamless.
This is a high point in the calendar for all accessories without exception, and the exhibitors at SPORT-ACHAT are taking orders.

Meetings, a Winter Awards exhibition, Fresh Cream Zone and Virtual Reality Experience all enriched the three-day programme.

“A quality session” according to visitors

Sport-Achat – Photo P. Cotin

Both our loyal visitors and newcomers alike agree that the fair is of increasingly high quality and regularly moving up-market.

GO SPORT Chamrousse (38) and CHULLANKA (06) “it is easy to find your bearings at SPORT-ACHAT. – MOUNTAIN HOUSE in Cauteret (65) confirms he executes 50% of his orders before the fair and 50% after having met the exhibitors: “This year I went to one meeting that was particularly interesting on the compatibility of shoes and skis, which is a problem all of us share”. SPARTOO.COM (38) confesses that SPORT-ACHAT is the fair he prioritises for his collection and organisation. INTERSPORT Lempdes (63) is careful to arrange his meetings with brands ahead of the fair. The DANISPORT GROUP (73) and its signature PRECISION SKI and SKI REPUBLIQUE attending for the second time, joins with its signature-partners SPORT 2000, GO SPORT and SKISET. In 2016 DANISPORT made 10 contacts including 4 affiliates recruited in the areas Massif Central, Alpes, and Pyrénées
There is a beautiful story of communication from PLANETE BLANCHE Montgenèvre (05), who confesses that he came to know about the fair from the previous shop managers he took over from “for the last three years we have spent 2 whole days at the fair, and it is a great time-saver”. TECHNOSURF PROSHOP in Geneva (CH) says “impressed with the organisation and appreciate the coordination of the ski tests with the Lyon purchasing days”. JEAN BLANC SPORTS in Courchevel (73) always spends a whole day with 5 members of his team (shop managers, male and female textile sellers, accessories officers) in search of innovations and to confirm additional orders with a good 15 suppliers: “I even discovered a new après-ski brand!” Third time visitor SPORT 2000 Anet (28) confirms he spends 1 day: “There are two of us, and our aim is to see as many brands as possible”.

The shops come to spy out an offer that concerns beginners, scouts and the experienced equally. Mathieu KURTZ, fair commissioner, stresses “SPORT-ACHAT equates to a thousand and one ways of spending 3 days purchasing”. Chains, groupings and independent shops from the hexagon witness to their methods.

SPORTAIR signs an agreement with Stan POLO to accelerate development in Spain

Buoyed by its experience in France, SPORTAIR is developing internationally by making known its B2B events in the Iberian Peninsula market, which is known for being very dynamic. In 2016 the sports market (textiles, shoes, accessories) in Spain reached euros 4.525 million, representing growth of 6.5%.*
SPORTAIR has just signed a contract with Stan POLO from the SPOLIK agency, which is an expert in the market thanks to SPORT JAM and GLISS EXPO experience. Its role will be not only that of recruiting brands in terms of their positioning in outdoor, cycling, mountaineering, skating….but also attracting leading buyers in Spain, the Basque country, Andorra and Portugal.

Agenda for forthcoming winter events organised by SPORTAIR

• SPORT-ACHAT ÉTÉ, Lyon, Monday 11 and Tuesday 12 September 2017
• BIKEXPO, Lyon, Monday 11 and Tuesday 12 September 2017
• SPORT-ACHAT ÉTÉ, Nantes, Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 September 2017
• BIKE EXPO, Nantes, Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 September 2017

Trends at Sport-Achat

• “Rando”: a market in the process of structuring itself
Exhibitors of materials and equipment at SPORT-ACHAT are making the collection more understandable

• Textile and accessories side
“Ultimate deadline for taking orders”

The shoe under all the seams
“This sector is for all uses and the latest sporting practices”

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Winter Sport Achat Press Release 2017